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Medium-Dark Roast


Characteristics:  milk chocolate, dried fruit, light smoke


The Sunday Driver Blend is named after my parents. Way back when there was such a thing as taking a Sunday Drive. I remember, every Sunday afternoon, my parents would gather us kids together in their 1968 Ford Country Sedan Wagon and drive down Route 20 to my grandparent's house in Richfield Springs NY to have spaghetti dinner. This wonderfully balanced blend is full of rich caramel and milk chocolate notes, citrus-like acidity, and a touch of smoke from our Good Buddy Sumatra Roast. These are washed whole-bean coffees. Ground options available.

Blend Countries:  Guatemala & Sumatra

    Sunday Driver

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    • Countries: Guatemala & Sumatra
      Varietal: Various
      Altitude: 1450 – 2200m
      Process: Washed

      • 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee
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