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Light-Medium Roast

Characteristics:  blueberry, earl grey, peach
To understand what makes Ethiopian coffee so special and why Ethiopia is widely referred to as the birthplace of coffee, we need to take a quick walk through history. The road is filled with fact, fiction, and a good sprinkling of fun – we just need to work out which is which: Ethiopian Coffee History
This Light-Medium Roast comes from the Guji Zone of Ethiopia with its wonderfully floral, sweet, and fully complex flavors. 
To really enjoy those great tastes, there are (in our humble opinion) the best Ethiopian coffee brewing methods.

    I Love Route 20

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    • Washing Station: Kerchanshe, Uraga
      Zone: Guji
      Varietals: Ethiopia Landraces
      Altitude: 2100 – 2300m
      Process: Washed. Dried on raised beds.

      • 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee
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