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Medium Roast

Characteristics:  roasted nuts, dark honey, citrus

You will find coffees from El Salvador to be milder and gentler than other Central American Coffees. This one is very fragrant with touches of honey.  It’s bound to draw you in and take you for a smooth ride. In addition to honey, you will find touches of fresh berries, flowery jasmine, and crisp bergamot. This coffee has a history as long as the route itself.  Grown by the Contreras family in Monte Verde since 1915. The farm is located in the Dept. of Santa Ana, Candelaria de la Frontera along the El Chingo volcano. The attention to detail and the care that goes into producing this coffee are evident in every last drop.  This one is a keeper and an adventure for the senses.

    Big Daddy

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    • Location: Santa Ana
      Town: Monte Verde
      Varietals: Bourbon & Pacas
      Altitude: 1450 masl
      Process: Washed

      • 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee
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