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How to Keep Your Ground Coffee Fresh

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

If you're a coffee lover, then you know that there's nothing quite like a freshly brewed cup of joe in the morning. But if you don't drink all of your coffee right away, how long will it stay fresh? Let's find out.

How Long Does Ground Coffee Stay Fresh?

Ideally, ground coffee should be used within a few days of being ground. After that, the quality of the coffee will start to decline. However, if you store your ground coffee properly, it can last for up to two weeks. Here are a few tips for storing your ground coffee so that it stays as fresh as possible:

  • Store your ground coffee in an airtight container. This will help to keep the coffee from going stale.

  • Put your airtight container in a cool, dark place. Heat and light can cause the flavor of the coffee to deteriorate.

  • Use only as much coffee as you need. The more air that gets to the remaining coffee, the faster it will go stale.

If you want to enjoy the best possible flavor from your ground coffee, use it within a few days of grinding it up. However, if you store it properly, it can stay fresh for up to two weeks. Just remember to use an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dark place. And when you're ready to brew another pot, only use as much coffee as you need so that the rest doesn't have a chance to go stale.


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